Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Open Letter to Club Fonograma

Dear Club Fonograma *dos puntos*

Stop trying to be Pitchfork, if you think Pitchfork (or P4k as the kids say) is an example of a good
website featuring well thoughtout opinions and reviews of cutting edge contemporary music, then you're stupider than i thought; Pitchfork only cares about the artists' names, looks and list of influences, THEY HARDLY LISTEN TO RECORDS, something painfully obvious if you have ever read one of their reviews; their writing style is obnoxiously self-indulgent, pointlessly wordy and mastubatory. Stop the percentage rating on records, it only expose you as posers who don't listen to the albums you are trying to recommend to your readers, and either hire new staff (invite some friends, maybe?) or start championing something other than "alternative" pop*; either that or stop reviewing genres and bands you obviously don't really like or care to like *punto*

Get a clue, you have the potential and drive to be a good latinamerican music
website, you expose some good original bands from various countries people don't pay attention to; just stop emulating retarded gringo hipsters with failed journalistic careers *punto*

Sincerely, me.

*Pi-Es*I wrote it in english so you could understand me better

*Another pointer, don't try to review mainstream pop like Pitchfork tries to justify mainstream rap to their readership. Shakira might have some good music but she's not the fiercely independent pop diva you think she is, she's a corporate puppet just like everyone else, one of the biggest ones, i might add. And there's no way, in the whole history of mankind and the whole universe for that matter that she can be compared to Morrissey, artisticallywise...or anythingwise. Don't ever do it again.

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